In Moscow opened a case after the discovery of the child's body in a box left in the garbage

In the Moscow region opened a criminal case into the death of a small child. This was reported in GSU SK the Russian Federation across the region.

In the investigation Department said that “the complex of investigative actions aimed at establishing all the circumstances and causes of the incident”.

on may 24 in a dumpster in settlement Nekrasovsky Dmitrovsky G. O. in a box from under footwear discovered the boy’s body. According to preliminary data, the death was “mechanical asphyxia in connection with the closure of the airway when drowning water”.

the Case was opened under paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code.

for Those who may have information about the mother of a newborn, please contact the investigations division for the city of Dmitrov of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region by the number: 8(496) 227-81-44, 8(486)227-99-86.

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