“My house is still for me it was always: a relic, a terrier, a citadel, the museum of my youth,” wrote Colette in The Retirement sentimental about the haven of his childhood in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye. Today, you can visit the house, including the interior and the garden have been reconstructed from the remains of the novels of Colette and of the manual of botany of her mother Sido.

“Everything speaks to us in a house of a writer.”

Evelyne Bloch-Dano

The novelist is no more but imagination fed by the readings gave birth to the images of the family Colette around Gabrielle, the girl with braids and straw hat. “Everything speaks to us in a house writer,” emphasizes Évelyne Bloch-Dano in the book she devotes to the subject, sort of walk skipping in a hundred houses of illustrious she opens the door. All, “as long as we know how to hear,” she continued, citing the tiny work table of the ogre Balzac in Passy or the room monacale de Loti which is in contrast with the great theatre of the remains of his house in Rochefort.

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