In the United States ended a ten-year quest to find treasure in the $1 million — a chest found in the mountains

the Collector and a veteran of the Vietnam war, Forrest Fenn ten years ago, hid in the Rocky mountains in the United States a chest of coins and jewels worth more than $1 million Recently, the treasure found, according to CBS News.

Famed treasure hidden in the Rocky Mountains finally found after 4 attempts fatal

— CBS News (@CBSNews) June 8, 2020

the name of the person who found the treasure, is not called. As told by the owner of the treasure chest Fenn, unknown sent him a picture to confirm. “I’m partly happy, partly sad because this adventure is completed”, — said the collector.

Treasure chest worth more than a million dollars found in the Rocky Mountains

— KHOU 11 News Houston (@KHOU) on June 8, 2020

Fenn noted that 10 years ago posted information about the treasure and the clues about his whereabouts on the Internet because I wanted people to set off in pursuit of adventure. Jewels and gold he collected in the expedition to the South-West. Collector hid the chest in 2010, during the global economic crisis. For the treasure hunted hundreds of thousands of people, four people even died during the search, said media.

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