In Yaroslavl, the court did not punish the medic for outstanding picket

In Yaroslavl, the administrative court dismissed the prosecution of a doctor, trade unionist Irina Valchanovo on charges of failure to inform the refusal of the public event (article 20.2.3 of the administrative code). As she told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, the case was dismissed for lack of an administrative offense.

November 26 trade Union activist, filed an application to the administration about the picket. But officials have not agreed on the action, offering her an awkward place. Then Irina Valchanova abandoned the idea of holding a picket.

an Activist was accused of an administrative offense for the fact that she didn’t notify the authorities about the rejection of an uncoordinated picket “two months Later I began to call the police. In February was the Protocol,” said Valchanova.

the Consideration of the administrative case was held in the Yaroslavl regional court. Activist found not guilty of an offence.

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