The Philharmonic is one of those places where it is fashionable to be seen in its most beautiful finery, sipping a cocktail to fifteen euros on the terrace, the Balcony or in front of the last pianist in the mode. This evening, for the finery, it is missed. At the entrance of the great room in paris, socialites and stylish are dress up a pair of square glasses white cardboard rude. What does ruin the look of the more elaborate… This Thursday evening, the press in the corridors to see on stage a piece of music history of the Twentieth century. A pioneer of the electro – while the Yé-Yé were still – and the real Nostradamus of the technological society, the German group Kraftwerk gives the first of a series of concerts in three dimensions in the framework of the festival Days Off.

Set up as a music paper, Kraftwerk takes the stage at 21 o’clock sharp. Dressed in their eternal costumes black plaid LED, the four musicians take position behind their desks without saying a word. …

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