special Envoy to Amboise

François Saint Bris has the triumph modest. In Amboise, at the château du Clos Lucé, which was the last workshop of Leonardo da Vinci, and since 1855 the property of his family, he has yet to get a present that is royal in the heart of the debates that are raging currently to determine what institution will show how in the framework of the fruitful 500th anniversary of the death of the Tuscan. A gift of silk, gold and silver. In the hall field, frame building style metal Eiffel, which was in the Nineteenth century, a textile factory, it has developed a tapestry is exceptional in more ways than one.

“The tapestry is the result of a command by Louise of Savoy and his son, François of Angoulême, future François Ier”

Pietro Marani, curator of the exhibition

first and foremost because it is a ready badge of the Vatican. Usually the room is preserved behind glass in one of the main halls of its museums, the Raphael. And then because it is one of the copies of the oldest of the famous Supper , mural painting which was realised by Leonardo in the refectory of the dominican convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie …

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