Minister of health: Among Russian physicians, 40 people with the coronavirus had died

In Russia, 40 doctors with the coronavirus had died. As reported “Interfax”, said the head of the Ministry of health Michael Murashko.

“Now, the country produced 40 payments to the social insurance Fund. In addition, there are cases that were under investigation.”

Earlier Murashko said that the government has allocated 52 billion rubles for payments to physicians and drivers “fast” that work with coronavirus patients. These tools are “timely provided to the regions.”

Before this, there was a scandal over payments to physicians, after which the government removed from the decision on additional payments to medical workers fighting the coronavirus, the phrase “actual hours worked”. The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin called “abuse” the bonus payments to physicians depending on the number of shifts worked and not from the fact of their work with coronavirus patients. Mishustin drew attention to the cases when the calculation of allowances to the doctors calculated the amount of time they spent near coronavirus patients.

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