The hollywood industry be it lack of originality or the members of the Academy simply gun-shy in the face of creativity? Physical changes to biopics, not to mention the epics of royal families, the “movies at the Oscars” are still up to their name.

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Named for the fourth time at the Oscars thanks to his interpretation of the politician Dick Cheney in Vice , Christian Bale is not his first metamorphosis to the screen. In 2011, the loss of weight consequent to its role in Fighter of David O. Russell that earned him his first oscar gold in the best actor category. His transformation the most dramatic remains the one in the film The Machinist (2005), for which he has lost thirty pounds in three months. In the other direction, his weight causing it to exceed the 100 kg to American Bluff , which earned him a further nomination at the academy awards in 2014 – it damages the spine and causes a herniated disc. “I almost always appreciated the transformation – whether it be physical as mental,” said the interpreter of Batman it was almost a trademark. “I’m glad you did, but it is a practice that I should leave it in the past now.”

● Christian Bale, The Machinist (2005) and American Bluff (2014)

“The Machinist” had escaped the official selection of the 2005, but the following transformations of the actor have earned him an oscar in 2011 and several appointments later. D. R. / Tobis Film

While they said the practice on the decline, and Vice is not the only film with physical changes at the key to compete this year. For Bohemian Rhapsody , Rami Malek admits to having better understood Freddie Mercury once the dental prosthesis asked. Emma Stone has said that wearing a corset on the set of Favorite was unable to breathe properly and moved several of his organs, but allowed him to sympathize with the women of the time. Both join Christian Bale on the bench appointed this year. If they were to receive an award for these roles, the reward would align with those of Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto ( Dallas Buyers Club ), Robert de Niro ( Raging Bull ), Charlize Theron ( Monster ), and many others, for transformations for which he received an oscar.

● Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club (2014)

For his performance in Ray, the man, the transvestite in “Dallas Buyers Club” (left), Jared Leto was awarded the Oscar for best supporting role. Starmax / Bestimage // Ascot Elite Filmverleih

● Charlize Theron, Monster (2004)

“Monster,” Patty Kenkis has earned Charlize Theron the academy award for best actress in 2004. BORDERS-MOREAU / BESTIMAGE // Metropolitan FilmExport Of implicit criteria still valid

in addition, the biopics seem to also continue to occupy an important place in the selections of the Academy. This year, in addition to Vice , the story of the painter Vincent Van Gogh ( At Eternity”s Gate ) is called repeatedly, like Roma , inspired by an almost autobiographical of the childhood of its director, Alfonso Cuarón. First Man , Damien Chazelle, which focuses on the life of astronaut Neil Armstrong, and Mary Stuart, queen of Scotland has come out with several nominations in the categories of most techniques. The films around the royals continue to get the recognition of the voters, with a dozen nominations for Favorite , which is not without reminding us of the twelve nominations and four winners of the King’s Speech in 2011.

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“The Favorite”, the trailer- Watch it on Figaro Live

according To the study of the american journalist specialized in cinema, Roger Ebert, published in 2012, the films and roles that would go in a mold specific would have more chance of getting a prize highly coveted. An analysis still relevant today: for the price of the best actress, the Academy would give the advantage to a woman whose interest in the role based on her gender or her sexuality, such as Glenn Close in the wife’s constraint to stay in the shadow of her husband in The Wife . Furthermore, according to a study conducted in 2015, the role of wife would be more often rewarded in this category. In regards to the price of the best actor, the Academy promote a character tortured, fights against a society, a world in which it does not seem to match. You could easily bind this description to the role deViggo Mortensen in the Green Book: On the roads of the south . And for the award of best film, a feature-length film about the search for freedom, with the inevitable passage of death, and a love story. A Star is Born , but also BlacKkKlansman: I’ve infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan , the wife this mold to perfection.

A Star is Born [VOST] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

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After various controversies like #Metoo and #OscarsSoWhite, the origins and the genres of the named began to diversify in an attempt to better representation. But what about the rest of the prerequisites underlying the choice of appointment to the academy awards, the only major surprise this year comes from the multiple nominations for Black Panther , the first film of super-heroes to climb into the official selection of the Academy.

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