We left them in 2006 in The Tanned 3 , after an adventure in Sardinia. The last? It was hoped in view of the poor quality of the film of Patrice Leconte, which featured the customers, “friends for life”. The unforgettable Jean-Claude Had, Nathalie and Bernard Morin, Jerome, Popeye, and Gigi.

Thirteen years later, the band could reform? The idea is not incongruous according to Thierry Lhermitte and Josiane Balasko, not discouraged for a penny by the mixed reviews of the previous film. Interviewed by Télé Loisirs during the promotion of the comedy All Inclusive , in theaters on 13 February, the two former actors of the troupe du Splendid have assigned to be “runners for a film.”

Bronzed good for retirement

The interpreters of Popeye and Nathalie Morin appear to be open to proposals: “there is Not necessarily a Bronzed ! If there was an idea that was being revealed, maybe. But it really is in the conditional,” they said. Ideas, good or bad, Patrice Leconte in full: in November, the director of the saga of Bronzed had not hidden his enthusiasm on the making of a fourth film. He had even discussed the idea of turning into a retirement home.

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It remains to convince Michel White of the relevance of the project. The actor had said “never” he would be joining the cast for a fourth film, in an interview with Télé Loisirs in October.

Saga now cult French film, Tanned brings to each of its reruns on television of many of the faithful. Highly anticipated by the public, which ran in theaters at its output, the third component is not able to convince the critics. More than 10 million spectators have left to try, without find, most of the time, the joys of the previous episodes.