Nothing goes more into the family of Rihanna: the star is continuing his father’s justice. She accuses this man of 65 years of business using its brand, Fenty and suggesting that both co-manage. The interpreter of D iamonds said to be launched only in entrepreneurship in 2014, first in collaboration with Puma. According to her, Ronald Fenty has knowingly wanted to surf on its success by creating, in 2017 his company’s own misleading name, Fenty Entertainment.

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The singer, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, has filed Tuesday a lawsuit with his father and his two business partners for fraud and misleading advertising, the federal court of Los Angeles. The native of Barbados, who uses the registered mark Fenty to sell cosmetics, lingerie and sneakers, asked the Court to compel his father to stop using the name Fenty for his business. She also claimed damages and interest.

Ronald Fenty reportedly tried to arrange a tour on behalf of her daughter

According to his lawyers, Rihanna has “absolutely no affiliation” with Fenty Entertainment. They argue that the company created by his father incorrectly uses the name of the singer, claiming to be affiliated with it.

In 2017, Ronald Fenty reportedly attempted to organize in the name of his daughter on a tour of 15 shows in Latin America, for $ 15 million, revealed the trial. He would have sought to launch a chain boutique hotels in the name of Fenty.

according to the lawyers of the star, while it has been served many times to Ronald Fenty and his business partner that they could not use the name of Rihanna, or the registered trademark of the singer, and no more speak in his name, they continued to claim to be affiliated with the singer.

on Tuesday, the company Fenty Entertainment had not responded, because he was unable to be attached.