On paper, this was supposed to be the night to the most underground, exciting and 2019. This January 26, the night is fallen, is fallen, and, on the terre-plein du Châtelet, close to 150 people aged 30 to 50-year wait for over an hour. They are lawyers, artists, researchers, and computer scientists. Inside the booth “SAD”, a dozen of employees typing on their computers illuminated in a green light. It is here, and with his ticket and a valid id, each visitor gets his “visa” before immersing in the soviet Union of the 1950s. Except that nothing works. “We print the cards at a snail’s pace when we get the Internet connection”, ends up by explaining to an employee. Photo, bar code… Each card is so complex that it takes five minutes to print it. From time to time, a woman comes out with a deck of cards and you spell out the names. This is the rat race. The event, it’s a business.

from the lobby, the director Ilya Khrzhanovsky, the origin of the project, assisted in direct to the sinking. It is liquefied. Some of the visitors did not hesitate to tell him what they think

After two hours in the cold, many people have preferred to spend the …

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