The jungle of his drawings. Photo: PSG / Jean-Louis Losi © ADAGP, Paris 2019 Jean-Louis Losi

Sam Szafran, it was the artist, furiously bohemian and delicately secret. The man most cheerful of all, a knack for conversation is the most spontaneous, and the father of a family exclusive, protected fiercely Lilette, his wife since 1963, born Keller, a Swiss from the Jura, his only son, Sébastien, born in 1964, heavily handicapped. The storyteller of the history of art of the Twentieth century cruel and the witness of its decisive moments.

He had to listen to it, in his workshop capernaum, telling his world of art through his long friendship battle with Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Or young lean years with Man Ray, “this little Jewish new yorkers, not pretty, that appeals to all women” (laughs). “I was going to type it in his workshop, when I had no money. There was no more. He gave me a picture that I revendais. I much regretted afterwards, especially his Solarisations beautiful.’

a Sample of a man full of verve, at the time …

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