on The 24th of next August will be released the album Vitaa and Slimane. After you have published on YouTube two of the nineteen tracks off their new album, the two singers have released last Thursday on the platform of music for a third piece called Maëlys . A poignant tribute to the little girl murdered by Nordahl Lelandais in 2017.

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A message that introduces the song: “We dedicate this song to Jennifer de Araujo and his family, to the memory of Maëlys”. The initiative was immensely touched Jennifer Araujo, the mother of the child. She wanted to thank the duo via a post on Facebook to express his gratitude to the duo and his love for his daughter. “Moved and touched by this song written for Maëlys, you’re Vitaa and Slimane artists with big hearts, your voices are beautiful. I thank you for the honor of my chick. Maëlys would be proud of you, I miss her terribly, the vacuum that she leaves me, her mother is unbearable, I’ll always be there for her. I love you with all my heart, Maëlys,” she wrote.

Vitaa shaken by this tragic story

Nordahl Lelandais has confessed to the February 14, 2018 to have killed Maëlys “involuntarily”. In the Face of the materials are overwhelming, he guided the investigators to where he had left the body, but it has not given explanations on the circumstances of the death.

The two artists have been upset by the death of Maëlys. The singer had already shared with the mother on November 5, 2018, the day where the girl had to have ten years. For this fateful anniversary, Jennifer de Araujo had made a photomontage with music in the background, the first collaboration between Slimane and Vitaa: I give you . The former partner of Diam’s, moved by this gesture had then sent a message to the mother going through the grieving process. “There are months now that I’ve been following your story through the media, this painful history, which upset me deeply since the first day so this evening I wanted to tell you how much seeing the pictures of Maëlys I was moved and upset to the point of not finishing the video… Finally, I wanted to show you all my support, tell you that Maëlys is in my prayers.”

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Jennifer de Araujo, Vitaa and Slimane should be in April during the transition to the Grenoble of the two singers on the occasion of the tour of their new album VersuS .