The meandering identity disorders fascinate the young Timothy The Butcher. After causing a sensation with its graphic novel These days that disappear, a tale of science fiction based on the double identity, the author returns with the psychological thriller, The Patient. In a vein of more realistic, , the album, takes the reader to the heart of a dark family drama, the infamous “massacre of the rue of the Crows”.

The story opens with the arrest of a young girl, Laura, covered in blood, a knife in hand. When the police accompanies her home, she discovers the fearful massacre of his entire family. Only one survived, Pierre, 15, who will immerse in a coma for six years. To wake her up, disoriented, and suffering from partial amnesia, he will have to face his memories, remembering the circumstances of the tragedy. The young man provides new items, and remembers in particular, the presence of a man dressed in black. Distraught, he feels his dark shadow …

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