More than ten million of our fellow citizens. It is the public that should touch, in a month, the Orchestre national d’île-de-France. Is 4000 times the gauge of the great hall of the Philharmonie de Paris! A feat that the phalanx, that is used as a concert hall and small halls of the suburbs, to a happy accident of timing. On January 30, will be released in the room the second installment of the animated film Tiny . A production 100% French, of which the musicians of the Ondif (as they are called) have registered this fall the music, omnipresent and quite remarkable in their digital studio brand new Alfortville.

five years ago, the first component had exceeded one million admissions in four weeks. We want so much for it. Fifteen days later, on 13 February, the same musicians have an appointment at The Seine music, for one of the “prime-time” the most important year of the great repertoire: the Victories of the classical music broadcast live on …

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