After Harrison Ford, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Meryl Streep, Caesar honor a new sacred cow of Hollywood. The academy of the French cinema revealed on Friday that it will award the Cesar of honour for his edition 2019, 22 February, to Robert Redford. The actor-director-producer 82-year-old is “a monument to the 7th art, to greet Alain Terzian, the president of Caesar.

“Many of his films, in front of or behind the camera, are now classics. Rare are the careers that have had such an impact on the History of Cinema! In 2002, the Academy of the Oscars presented him with its most prestigious award for all of his career. It is up to us now, to have the immense privilege of honoring the artist and the man who symbolized for more than fifty years the legend of the american cinema,” continues the press release, which makes highlighting “the blue eyes intense,” the star of Butch Cassidy and the Kid .

these are The roles of hustlers, cowboys, nostalgic and out-of-the-law, as in The sting , where he shares the poster with Paul Newman, who made the native of California’s famous in the early 70’s. Just like his loyalty to Sidney Pollack, under the direction of which Robert Redford has shot seven films: 7 Jeremiah Johnson, Our best years, The 3 Days of the Condor, The electric straddle or Out of Africa . After a performance in half-shade in the title role of The great Gatsby by Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Redford, bounces in 1976 with The President’s Men Alan J. Pakula. He takes on the suit of journalist Bob Woodward, who spoke alongside his colleagues in the Washington Post Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman), the scandal of Watergate.

The director who propelled Brad Pitt and Scarlett Johansson

But as the reminiscent of the Caesar, this career will soon also be deployed behind the camera. His first film as a director people , earned him the Oscar for the best director and best feature film in 1981. And his eight other achievements “have continued to impose itself as an outstanding director”: And in the middle a river runs through it , where he recounts in 1992 the story of two brothers, reveals one of the idols of Hollywood, Brad Pitt, while The man that whispered to the ear of a horse , his biggest international success, propels Scarlett Johansson.

passionate Producer, a lover of nature and wide open spaces, Robert Redford has also founded and chaired the Sundance festival, the independent film the most respected in the world. Become rare, the actor had marked the spirits in browser in distress in the face of the rushing waters d ‘All Is Lost where he struggled alone to face the elements. This summer, on the occasion of the promotion of The Old Man and The Gun , Robert Redford announced that it was his last role, before appearing to go back on this announcement at the start of the year. Moviegoers French will be able to discover the film by David Lowery. Inspired by a true story, The Old Man and The Gun comes out on the platform SVOD Amazon on January 31. Robert Redford plays a burglar who was arrested and detained 17 times during the six decades of steering. He managed to escape each time.