The championship of Russia on football was resumed in Samara the match, the outsiders, who scored on two 6 balls

Restart the championship of the Russian Premier League was the match in Samara, where the local “wings of the Soviets” took “Ahmat” in Grozny. Behind him in the stadium saw over 4,000 spectators. Recall that the last match in RPL was held on 16 March, after which all the teams went to the quarantine.

to score the first goal “to wings” it took less than 6 minutes for the discount to head to a good sreagiroval team captain Taras Burlak, hitting the target from close range.

20 minutes after the start of the game, she was briefly stopped so that players and fans were able to thank the medics for their dedicated work, thanks to which, including, once again, we watch football.

“Ahmad” seized the initiative and in the beginning of the second half played: Vladimir Ilyin put the ball in the net after it bounced from the crossbar after a long range shot by Denis Glushakov.

And soon he Glushakov not blundered, neojidanno getting the ball on the goal line.

In the 66th minute Ilyin scored twice, however, he was helped by a ricochet off the defender’s foot, but by this time the guests of the hosts outplayed and the luck he deserved.

“Wings” completely collapsed three minutes later, Berisha almost hockey rounded out the rod, and him no-one was hurt.

Sweeten the pot for “COP” on predposlednij minute Maxim Glushenkov, and the meeting ended with the score 4:2 in favor of “Ahmad”. And, in General, the opening match was fun, uplifting fans — clearly, not Samara.

After this match, the teams in the table are reversed: the team had moved on the 15th, last place, and 16th now Samartsev.

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