New twist in the case ” – Booba/Kaaris. Planned for 30 November in Basel, the battle between the two rappers may eventually be cancelled, despite the official announcement of 29 July. Worried that the aspect of “settling of accounts” takes precedence on the sporty side, the Department of health of the half-canton has announced that nothing was decided yet according to the information of the RTS , for which the position of Basel “is almost tantamount to a no.”

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On Instagram, the continual exchanges of sweet words between the Duke of Boulogne” and the “Dozo” may plead in favour of the cancellation of the fight. All the more that the swiss authorities felt they had enough work with the hooligans that are going on during the football matches of FC Basel at the St. Jakob-Park, in the vicinity of the room scheduled for the event. The media in switzerland reports that the middle of the MMA (mixed martial Arts) do not see this fight with a good eye, because it could cost her credibility in the discipline banned in France, which is struggling already to take care of his image.

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PRESS CONFERENCE SOON in PANAM FOR THE FIGHT WHOEVER COMES, It IS A TCHOIN #moijeseraisla#onattendlheurelejouretladate #30novembre #lapurge #jaideslunettessursonaffiche #eliecontregnakouri #fight

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The Strength & Honor Championship (SHC), which organises the fight there went also of his message of prevention. “Dear athletes, the direction of the CHS would like to draw your attention on some of the failures observed recently as a consequence of the statements published on social networks by some athletes. We deplore any type of behaviour that may infringe the good organization of the event Booba VS Kaaris. Also, be aware that no overflow will not be tolerated at the event, all necessary security measures have been scheduled for this evening takes place under the best conditions,” one can read on one of the recent posts.

To a featuring post-fight?

Among the many statements made on the networks, a publication of Booba, surprisingly fair-play, has been of particular interest. “It is a unique experience […] I learned on my person as a man, as an athlete and as a competitor. My limits are being pushed every day, it is difficult, intense, but also very rewarding. Force to my opponent, we can finally at the end of this battle, from in peace, each on our side and who knows, may-be, recollaborer together, why not…. May the best man win and may the force be with us”, he says.

A ufo in the stream of taunts and insults that the artists share for over a year. Attempt of reconciliation, new irony on the part of the Duke or the simple fear of seeing the fight cancelled? Six years after the success of Kalash , the rivals may well replace the cover by moving the octagon to the studio.

Booba ft Kaaris – Kalash