The doctor gave advice on how to avoid food departure on a picnic in the summer

summer picnic turned into food poisoning, need a prepared and perishable food stored in the refrigerator or cold box.

According to dietitian Elena Motova, at a temperature of from 5 to 60 degrees actively breed bacteria. Refrigerator slows the growth of bacteria.

Specialist said that fish, poultry, raw meat and seafood (even pickled), meat delicacies, sandwiches, salads, cut fruits, vegetables and dairy products may be stored outside of the refrigerator for more than two hours, and in the heat — no more than an hour.

a Nutritionist has warned against the use of kitchen utensils, dealing with raw meat, to supply food after cooking. The doctor also noted the importance of hand washing before eating food. As reported by the RIA “Novosti”, Motova warned that in the summer increases the risk of Contracting dysentery and hepatitis A.

She called carefully wash leafy vegetables, herbs and fruit, but not meat and poultry. “The germs will die during heat treatment. Rinse all of them will not succeed,” concluded the doctor.

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