The doctors: Chronic stress can cause inflammation of the brain

Chronic stress can provoke neuroinflammation. This is the conclusion reached by scientists Florida Atlantic University and Ohio state University, writes

Experts drew attention to the inflammatory cytokine, interleukin-1 (IL-1), which is the main regulator of the activity of immune cells in the brain. Scientists conducted tests on rodents to determine the role of IL-1 in mental disorders, and found that nIL-1R1 is the basis of the relationship of social stress, inflammation and anxiety.

Experts have subjected animals to stress, and a month later was measured in their brain levels of molecules indicating neuroinflammation. Most of these molecules in the hippocampus — the Department that controls memory and learning. It turned out that during prolonged stress, the stem cells in this part of the brain die or there is a surplus of white matter. In the end, may develop an inflammatory process.

a Similar pattern is observed in people experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, point out scientists.

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