Not less than fifty creations! Some 350 artists, and not least. From Natalie Dessay, Francis Huster, passing by Sandrine Bonnaire, Barbara Hendricks or even Patricia Petibon. And above all, an abundance of shows, ranging from concerts and theatre plays, readings, music or improvisations frames, without borders or barriers of genres or forms.

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Such is the balance sheet of these ten years of Notes of autumn . By creating this event, unusual on the banks of the Marne, the pianist Pascal Amoyel had a dream: that music and letters could finally talk freely. Without a hierarchy. Outside of the traditional codes of the concert hall. A dream that he strokes for decades in the course of his own performances, where the musician-storyteller is an actor. Gives a voice to give better life to these composers in which he lived since childhood. Sometimes family. Besides, it’s one of those heart-to-heart so personal that he invites us this Sunday, closing out the festival. Opus 110. Or the meeting with Ludwig beyond the myth of Beethoven.

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A return to intimate, after an edition that has embraced the music world, and celebrated the universality of the arts. Of The magic flute of Mozart, revisited by the Clique of Lunaisiens (this Wednesday), the fusion of classical and electro, claimed by the duo of Vanessa Wagner and Murcof (Saturday). Passing by a show memorial that will retrace the loves of Apollinaire and Madeleine Pagès (with Pascal Amoyel and Emmanuelle Bertrand), a tribute to the roaring twenties (Thursday) or the celebration of the centenary Leonard Bernstein, a concert version new of W Side Story , for four singers, piano, and percussion.

Festival Notes of autumn

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