Remarks collected in São Paulo by Sébastien Lapaque

The ambitious program of publishing in Brazil for the entirety of the work of Georges Bernanos by editions E Realizações marks a return of the writer in the country where he lived between 1938 and 1945. How do you explain that?


Edson FILHO – We have launched our collection of the “Georges Bernanos” in 2010. At the time, there was in some circles a sort of contempt for this author strictly associated with catholic literature. Out of this confinement and to find him a new readership, I wanted to remind you of the two cinematic masterpieces that had inspired his work in publishing The Diary of a country priest and The New History of Mouchette with a illustrated cover with images of the films of Robert Bresson. The first surprise in Brazil have been admirers of the filmmaker. And we have managed to interest the press, talking about Bernanos in the newspapers. At the same time, we have published As …

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