The Prosecutor was not satisfied with the quality of wastewater in the Kalinin district of St. Petersburg

a Management company of Kalininsky district in St. Petersburg was accused of dumping contaminated wastewater. Details check shared June 25 at the city Prosecutor’s office.

“In violation of the water legislation and the legislation on protection of water biological resources is permitted wastewater discharges exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations of pollutants in their composition on the release at: Avenue of Marshal Blucher, building 41, lit. A”, — told in the press service of the Ministry.

the District attorney’s office filed a lawsuit against the management company. According to the documents, the defendant asked for 120 days to carry out measures to improve water quality. Not without appeal, but the judges still sided with the controlling Agency.

the Prosecutor’s office stressed that it is an unacceptable violation of the rights of citizens to a favourable environment.

Earlier, the Petersburgers complained of the unpleasant smell from the pond in the Malookhtinsky Park. As noted by the locals, is the problem with the wastewater. Smolny was not confirmed version, but promised to strengthen attention for a drainage system.

“Rosbalt” presents the project “trash — be honest!”, reminding that the problem of proper disposal of waste concerns all of us, and everyone can contribute to its solution. And what kind of answers we find today will impact our quality of life tomorrow.

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