• When thou goest forth to Saigon : round-trip Paris-Vietnam

“In a few seconds, trembling and in tears, you were in our arms. We do not wide. Emotion, joy, surprise, it was a big mess. (…) In that instant, you became our daughter and we became your parents.” Thus is accomplished, simply, this miracle, like no other, this alchemy that destroys at a glance all doubts to seal the indissoluble bonds of a family. The adoption, because it is she, has already fed a vein editorial abundant. To speak of “the most important decision of (his) life”, Marc Capelle renews the genre. His story is in two voices – a father and his daughter – and in two time, that of the encounter with the child and, years later, that of the rediscovery by the young adult of the country was born. Vietnam, because it is good of him, is a protagonist in its own right. It is that this country has the power to stick to the skin as a …

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