The scientist explained why Russia send private fighters to Belarus

Belarus was arrested 33 Russians, allegedly relevant to the CPP “Wagner”, and accused them of preparing mass riots before the election. Why this version is far from the truth, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” explained the candidate of political Sciences, expert on international security Pavel Luzin.

“There are different hypotheses regarding what is happening. The first is that Minsk was reportedly used by private action as a hub to fly to Sudan, Libya or the Central African Republic. But it bothers me that the Minsk airport there are no flights and the Charter to send them there could be, and from Rostov. But if we mean that “vagnerovsky” working undercover with the Russian military intelligence, the problem is to Charter a cargo plane to our territory and put people, was not. In addition, if they were in Belarus in transit, it would mean that the Russian security services feel themselves too freely, which is contrary to the obvious cooling of relations between the two countries in recent years”, — said the expert.

Version Lukashenko on the terrorist attack and provocation, according to the analyst, is not viable as mercenaries — are not the people who can come into the country and lay low, waiting for the call to action on August 9.

“These people come to act at once — and we saw it in the spring of 2014 in Donetsk, Lugansk. But “vagnerovsky” even not too codified, being in Minsk, as if they were asking for arrest. I don’t think this is an attempt to “stir up trouble” in the elections in Belarus is not a revolutionary situation, the authorities are not paralyzed,” explains Luzin.

According to the scientist, most likely, such a demonstrative invasion — not that other as a signal from Putin to Lukashenko that he will not disappear from Russia.

“It is this hypothesis I gently hold at the moment. There is nothing difficult to find people in Russia who are ready to come to Belarus and to sit behind bars — especially considering that we had the volunteers to go to fight in Syria. The meaning of this action is to understand the neighbouring country that it remains in the zone of influence of Russia in the Union state that the “green men” may appear on its territory very quickly. That there is no need to look to the West and to try to bring some reforms, did not suit Moscow,” interpreterpath the situation the expert.

the Analyst notes that the Kremlin in Belarus, there is a military object — radar station and communications center of the Navy. However, a full military base, Lukashenko in his time did not agree.

“Moscow says Minsk: your safety in our hands, our military presence here in any way — officially or unofficially. But, in my opinion, the Kremlin is now too raises the stakes, it’s a slap in the face, a provocation. I have got to worsen already strained relations with Belarus, I don’t understand,” says the analyst.

Recall, the detained in Minsk Russians suspected of organizing mass riots. According to the Investigative Committee of Belarus, 33 Russian citizens were employees of private military company “Wagner” and lived at the sanatorium “Belorusochka”. In Minsk believe that they planned to “destabilize the country” shortly before the presidential election.