education leads to everything. In the 70s, teachers of literature ended up on the big screen. This framework was well. It had to be America or Italy. Two films stand out, where the classrooms are used as decoration. In The Professor (1972), Alain Delon arrived in Rimini winter, foggy, creepy.

The school is on strike. The students expressed extreme views. The time wanted it. This does not seem to offend the newcomer. He does not leave his cloak of camel hair, lets smoke these future graduates, not required not even to come listen to it. Poorly shaved, with a tuft on the forehead, an eternal cigarette between his lips, the man recites poetry. One of the students caught his eye. He has excuses: he is Sonia Petrovna, brown silent that reads DH Lawrence. It is named Vanina. He offers Vanina Vanini, because this deposed aristocrat knows Stendhal and has not yet heard of #MeToo. She has secrets. He takes her in his …

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