special Envoy to Grenoble

usually more willing to focus on the modern and contemporary art, the Museum of Grenoble is re-established by this time his funds ancient egyptian. “With those of Marseille and Lyon, it is one of the three most important in the region. He was to make his consistency,” says, in the volume of white and clean lines in a style typical of the end of the Twentieth century, Guy Tosatto, the director of the place.

To do this it has close to sixty pieces, including some of the most beautiful and the most interesting that it has the responsibility with 200 other venues for most of the Louvre, but also in the British Museum, Berlin and Vienna. The whole tale of the history of Thebes during the Third intermediate Period (1069-664 av J.-C.). That is to say, when this spiritual complex along the Nile river -today known as Luxor and that tourists mainly visit for its temple of Karnak – shone also as a political and economic centre of the first importance.

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