here’s a survey for Tintin! Thom Yorke would it have tasted the “poison that makes them crazy”? Since the clip of Lotus Flower , in 2011, some fans of Radiohead are wondering about the state of mental health of the leader of the group. They discovered, dumbfounded, a Thom Yorke, gesticulating in all directions, like hit by a dart poisoned radjaïdah.

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Since Lotus Flower , the british singer has replayed the puppets disarticulated in the video of his side project, Atoms For Peace. At the end of June, he was again on the scene in a dance crazy in front of the camera of Paul Thomas Anderson for the short film Anima on Netflix accompanying the release of the album of the same name.

It’s been several years that the dapper fifty-year-old parasite, its image as a rockstar, to be closer to that of an avant-garde designer with a total freedom to her work, combining choreography, extravagant and aural exploration hosea. Leaves to …

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