These walls do not have ears, but they’ve been harboring keys .

A guy in the U.K. lately discovered that a time capsule in the 1970s concealed in the walls of the bar .

But he just found what was concealing in his walls lately, as he had been renovating the 200-year-old construction, based on SWNS.

“This was a very pleasant find. There is some very interesting things in there.”

“It was very funny to see the price list from 1971 to get Wadworth Brewery, and it will be a brewery we use now,” Brett said. “It has definitely changed somewhat since that time.”

Brett also told the news agency that the man who abandoned the time capsule wrote a note apologizing for just exiting halfpennies.

It seems among the bar’s previous owners abandoned the time capsule at the walls while he had been performing his very own renovations in the 1970s.

The capsule included a notice — dated July 13, 1973 and signed by Pockson — that explained:”into the owner from a previous owner, very good luck.”

Pockson also contained some of the ID cards at the capsule.

Brett said of the preceding owner:”I enjoy that he’d given some idea regarding it being found later on, and that would find it. It is nice that somebody had the foresight to do this.”

After locating the pill, Brett exhibited the things onto a mounted board so clients can see this piece of the bar’s history.

In addition, he embedded a few of these halfpennies in clear resin, which he put in the ground.

Brett told SWNS the renovations on the bar — which was constructed in the 1800s — were performed to enlarge the pub offerings and feature a farm store and deli.