Sugar cookies were one of the easiest desserts to make in large batches

And for anybody who’s ever wanted to eat dessert like a sailor at the U.S. Navy, you can now.

The series host and general public affairs expert Thomas Frezza told Fox News he started making the movies during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’ve a couple of different editions of the U.S. Navy’s Cookbook and it was during quarantine, I was searching for something to do and something that we could share together with the general public,” Frezza said.

“And, well, in the beginning, everybody was cooking in your home and I figured, why not split out the cookbook and actually try a few of these recipes and make some movies which we could share with the public and see what people thought and make it so that they could make these at home, as well,” he added.

He said he picked the soft sugar cookie recipe — among many sugar cookie recipes — because it is”probably one of the easier ones to make.”

Actually, that is probably why Navy cooks could make sugar biscuits.

“From what I have heard from various culinary specialists inside the Navy from this period of time, the reason they moved with the sugar cookie recipe — and it is also kind of the same reason why I did — is because it is really easy to kind of whip up a huge batch and make,” Frezza explained.

Not only does Frezza describe the recipes that he makes from the Navy cookbooks, he also makes the foods themselves after scaling the recipes down to more manageable amounts.

“They’re all intended for like 100 portions,” Frezza said. “I do not reside in a household that could manage 100 portions. So a large part of it’s that the math of scaling everything down.”

As far as the soft sugar snacks go, Frezza said the recipe was”actually pretty good” — though he said he would make one change.

“The recipe itself uses nutmeg and nutmeg could be sort of strong,” he said. “I probably would change it out for such as cinnamon, or something. You know, just something that’s a little bit — a less powerful spice than nutmeg.”

Frezza’s movies are seen on the Naval History and Heritage Command’s YouTube channel.