Verzilova waiting for psychiatric examination due to poisoning in 2018

the Consequence has appointed the publisher of “media zones” and activist group Pussy Riot Peter Verzilov psychiatric examination to check for sanity after coma due to poisoning in 2018. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the lawyer “Agora” by Leonid Solovyov.

According to him, about the examination it became known during the interrogation Verzilova who was in a coma after poisoning in 2018. However, as said Solovyov, a copy of the decision about appointment of examination it is still not received.

Earlier against Verzilova opened a criminal case due to failure to notify on dual citizenship — according to article 330.2 of the criminal code. Counsel stated that the presence of a canadian passport — a well known fact.

Recall that Pyotr Verzilov was in the hospital in Moscow on 11 September 2018. On 13 September he was transferred to the intensive care unit Institute of a name Sklifosofsky, and September 15 was taken for treatment in Berlin. There the doctor said that a patient with a high degree of probability was poisoned.

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