He was among 150 of the manuscripts. To the only shelter of Vincent Ortis has received this Tuesday, September 10, the Grand Prize of the investigators. Designed by Robert Laffont and of The le Figaro Magazine, this award makes it possible to give a first mystery novel and his letters of nobility by being published in the collection “The black Beast”, directed by Glenn Tavennec. There will be a draw exceptional of 30 000 copies.

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in order To get this price very special, the thriller has been the subject of an autopsy special. It has been placed under the magnifying glass of the twelve jurors, each doing part of the judicial sphere: a chief of staff of the Brigade, a criminal, a criminal defense lawyer at the Paris bar, a police commander, a honorary director of the laboratory of scientific police of Paris. Not to mention the honorary president, Marc Dugain and the godfather of this edition, Didier Decoin of the academy Goncourt. Although these are more related to the world “judicio-literary.”

As Vincent Ortis. The first novelist awarded is neither a police officer nor a lawyer, but part of the social security, lyricist, and screenwriter. His thriller To the only shelter is a work of fiction. A noir novel, animated by a breath of literary chilling. As soon as the first lines of the text, the reader is projected onto the snow-covered sides of the State of Montana. It’s raining. It sale. “Here, nothing happens… just a car from time to time.” Lucky for the judge, Edward McCarthy, whose car broke down, a passing motorist stops. The man, a police officer at the head of “King Kong” and the physical “Mike Tyson”, proposed to him to bring in the next town (and the host) by the time the storm stops. Of course, this act of benevolence hides any other mobile device. A vengeance.

Robert Laffont

“This is your fault! I’m going to punish you.” The police officer has simmered his heinous project for years. But it is today that he has decided to do justice. “The hate, it rots your life, but it is a hell of a drug. Love can push you to suicide ; the hate, it drives you to live.” Gently, the novel is imbued with a clinical coldness gives way to the psychological. What Edward McCarthy was he guilty? And is it really? The drive is conducting the investigation. Harvest indices here and there.

Between two chapters, a voice suddenly emerges from the night. A man is locked up. Where? Why? It also seems to bear the brunt of the anger of the policeman… With the first novel, Vincent Ortis book an original thriller and well-crafted. The howled, often complex or even sloppy in the novels, is vivid. The author even manages to slip a lesson of wisdom. It will not come out unscathed from this reading…

The author received her award at the Guy Savoy restaurant. The jury was composed of : Patrick Baudot, Philippe Blanchet, Marie-Helene Cherpin, Rémi Costagliola di Polidori, Didier Decoin (of the académie Goncourt), Jean-Jacques Delemarle, Marc Dugain (honorary president), Pierre-Louis Durand, Master Leon Lef Forster, Mary-Hilda Gouineau, Master, Julie, Granier, Olivier Marchal, Colette Oper, Alain Vasquez.