Warning. Those who hate pop music and its excesses, those that irritate and contemporary art and its réappropriations insistent as echoes conceptual, are going to suffer. Those who dream of touching the idol, through a glove glitter or a harness of scene, too, such as hungry made diet. Little rhinestone, little flesh, rather the veil elusive ghost who escapes ad vitam aeternam, to all of the cameras.

The video creations of Paul Pfeiffer kidnap the images of the tour “HIStory” in Copenhagen, Auckland and Bucharest, 1996-1997, and transform Michael into a butterfly and golden without head or in the Vitruvian Man by Vinci in 1490. Barely an ounce of “memorabilia”, these relics that are competing for the fans and the auction. A lonely? Dinner Jacket , black leather-covered forks, spoons and knives, created by Michael Lee Bush for the star, which picked up the light and the audience with his noise tintinnabulant.

“Michael Jackson: on the Wall” comes to London, …

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