Zelensky on the proposal of Russia in Donbass From Ukraine, no one can not demand anything

Talks of pritsvetnikov Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia included in the “channel four” on the Donbass, have been “very good and substantive”. This was stated by Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky. The President added that the outcome of the Berlin meeting is not ready to comment.

“nothing yet comment. We will be meeting with Ermak (head office (administration) President Andrey Ermak — “Rosbalt”), – said the head of state reporters. — We just came to Odessa and even details have not discussed the question with him”.

Russia’s Proposal that the Constitution of Ukraine has brought the special status for Donbass, where for six years there is a conflict, he called unreasonable requirement. “First, no one from the Ukraine can not demand anything, we are an independent country. I think that all need to work on rhetoric. Moreover, it is an international rhetoric,” — said the head of Ukraine.

As reported, the talks in Berlin at the level of pritsvetnikov “Norman four” lasted for 10 hours. The Russian side considered that for a breakthrough had been reached.

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