Zelensky six-year anniversary of the tragedy MH17 had hoped that the court will establish its perpetrators

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said about the belief that the court in the Hague will find perpetrators of rocket hit a civilian plane flying over a conflict zone in the Donbas 17 July 2014.

“Six years ago there was a terrible crash of a passenger plane Boeing 777 company Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, EN route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Killed 298 people — all passengers and the entire crew. From the beginning the investigation of this tragedy, Ukraine has shown itself as a reliable international partner interested in the truth,” said the head of state, quoted by his official Telegram channel. He recalled that the proceedings against possible perpetrators of a crime began in the Netherlands March 9, 2020. “This trial promises to be one of the largest in the world practice in recent decades — said Zelensky, because, among other things, it accumulated considerable international attention”. The President hopes that, despite the fact that nothing can bring the lost lives and will not quench the grief of the relatives of the victims, justice still victoriastevent — “in the name of peace and the memory of all the victims.” Recall that three of the four defendants in the case of MH17 — Russians.

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