“They worked fifteen hours per day. They are gone once on vacation in their life, fifteen days at the sea”. For Pierre Perret, there is no doubt: his parents are now said to have participated in the movement of the “yellow vests”. This is what he reveals in an interview with the newspaper The World dated Sunday.

With nostalgia, the translator of Lily tells the story of her youth in the Tarn-et-Garonne. If he spent a happy childhood, with “marvelous parents,” the young Pierre Perret was also directly confronted with poverty. His parents stood then a coffee at Castelsarrasin, where he rubbed shoulders with the workers in the area. “At the Café of the bridge, I had not known that the “yellow vests,” remembers the singer of 84 years. On the 15th of the month, it was over for them, they had nothing to put in the pot. They tondaient the kids full of lice for not paying the hairdresser. Misery has a lot of patience…”

Artist engaged

“next To Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, in the French currency, should be marked with Dignity”

Pierre Perret, The World.

Since the beginning of the demonstrations on November 17, the movement of the “yellow vests” has been marked by violence and degradation. “I regret that the “yellow vests” are beginning to be destabilized by rioters, picked up by politicians, because there is a generosity, laments Pierre Perret. The sincerity of their speech should be respected. But the government is light years away from their everyday lives. He has the care of souls to which he does not understand anything. This is the fight of those who suffer in their daily lives and who were wounded, humiliated. We do not have the right to treat people like that when leading a country.” And to add: “next To Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, in the French currency, should be marked with Dignity.”

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The artist is engaged in. He also showed many times through his songs. His last album, Humor Freedom , released last year is a tribute to the designers of Charlie Hebdo victims of the terrorist attack of 7 January 2015. In The Emigrants , he sings with sweetness the fate of immigrants, “who leave with the tide.” The one who handles the words and the French language with tenderness had also published a text on its account Facebook after the attack at the Bataclan.

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Asked on BFMTV on Sunday, the singer has reiterated its support for the mobilization of the “yellow vests”, which he defines as “a necessary movement today”. He also expressed criticism on the policy of the government: “They have chained blunders, they have gifts, but not to the poor”, he criticized.

many artists have also expressed their support to the “yellow vests”, like Franck Dubosc, Jean-Marie Bigard, Kaaris, Jul and Brigitte Bardot. More recently, David Hallyday and was assured that Johnny, who passed away on December 5, 2017, would have supported the yellow vests.

conversely, the actor François berléand with his had expressed its displeasure vis-à-vis the movement on RTL on 9 February. “We see that there are 90% of French who support the “yellow vests” and then two weeks after there are more than 80, then 70… Me since the beginning, they make me piss off the “yellow vests”,” he started.