My Columbine at 11 Gilgamesh Belleville

They knew the great director Omar Porras, known especially for his work with masks – one remembers his dazzling Pedro and the Commander , Felix Lope de Vega, at the Comédie-Française in 2007. In My Columbine , we discover the actor and the man. Fabrice Melquiot wrote this monologue for him. Omar Porras tells the story of his life, his childhood in Colombia, the son of peasants-illiterate, which eventually engage in the army before moving to Paris in 1985, and discovered the theatre. This is not sad. In the Face of adversity, despite the exile and nostalgia, Porras still a clown happy. Harlequin tireless, he interprets all the roles with virtuosity. He drops the mask in order to better play the comedy. We would like already that there is a sequel to discover how he founded the Teatro Malandro in Geneva in 1990.

My Columbine , at 11 Gilgamesh Belleville, until 26 July, at 11: 40 am. Duration: 1: 15. Tel.: 04 90 89 82 63

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