For Bernadette of Lourdes , the producer Roberto Ciurleo did nothing as usual. When it finance The Three Musketeers , he launches the show in a large room in paris and then takes her on tour. This time, the marian apparitions to Bernadette Soubirous be played exclusively on the banks of the Gave, at Lourdes, and only during the high season of the pilgrimage, from April to October. A bet crazy. In order to cushion the budget of 8 million euros, Roberto Ciurleo is associated with Eleonore de Galard, the producer, Gilbert Coullier, the television producer Jean-François Boyer (“free Entry” of Claire Chazal on France 5) and, more surprisingly, Gad Elmaleh. These producers have had to learn the specifics of the entertainment catholic. And organize to host spectators seriously ill, since this is the specialty of the sanctuary of Lourdes.

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