What distinguishes the Brafa from other fairs is that it is able to give carte blanche to a contemporary artist to be in tune with the times. By choosing to Gilbert & George as the guest of honor, the 64th edition, has created the event. Due to its popularity, the british duo, which is widely took part in interviews and selfies with a theatricality that became his trademark, has not gone unnoticed in the aisles of Tour & Taxis. At different strategic places filled with five pieces of their choice taken in their recent series, Jack Freak Pictures to Scapegoating Pictures (2013), or Beard Pictures (2016). Almost all are for sale, via their galleries, London White Cube – or Brussels-Albert Baronian, who also exhibited on its stand (between 165.000 and 225,000 euros, depending on the number of panels).

If the two british stars prefer to speak of the world they have created rather than the market, which has made them, they are loaned to …

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