“you like it or not, this is also my history”: the day when Pierre Péan has heard this sentence, he accepted that his son would write. More than two years of dilly-dallying before giving his agreement for Jean Grégor (a pseudonym for his son) tells the story in a novel, a story that touched closely: that of the hired killer paid to liquidate and which eventually became his friend. The book, exciting, published in 2012, is called The Shadow self (Fayard). Jean Grégor is actually on the trail of the mysterious killer and, by extension, on the footsteps of his investigator father. In it, he recounts a happy childhood, but out of standard: the anonymous calls that were all the rage when Pierre Péan had been investigating sensitive cases, the bomb that exploded in front of the garage family, this exhilarating feeling for a teenager to live “like in a western”, but also this father who spent his time to search and write. “This story of the killer was a matter …

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