The news has made effect of a bomb. The next episode of the comic book Walking Dead will be the last. It is the writer himself, Robert Kirkman, who disclosed the information via the site, specialized Bleeding Cool , only two days before the publication of 193e and ultimate number. A tweet lapidary editions Delcourt, which ensures the publication of the saga in France, has confirmed the news.

In the preface to the last issue, Robert Kirkman has returned to its motivations while commending the loyalty of the readers: “I, too, am upset. It’s going to as much I miss you, if not more. It’s heartbreaking to have to put an end to it and move forward, but I like too much this universe to stretch it out unnecessarily to the point of ruin. I hope you understand and that you know how much I appreciated this gift that you gave me.”

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Comic book most sold in France, which is the subject of a tv series beating audience records, The Walking Dead , directed by American Robert Kirkman for the scenario and the British Charlie Adlard for the design, dramatizes the survival of a group of survivors in a world populated by the undead. This world postapocalyptique has fascinated the public since now more than fifteen years. A success that the publisher Image Comics had not suspected when he pulled the first issue of the comics to only 7300 copies.

The series of the small screen, released in 2010, starring Andrew Lincoln in the role of Rick, the leader of the survivors, had largely contributed to the success of the editorial. Despite a hearing in decline, the american chain AMC prepares a tenth season.

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