The random organises some of the themes. While the Petit Saint-Martin, Constance Dollé plays a part of the British Dennis Kelly, Girls and Boys, the Bouffes Parisiens has held the recovery to a show created in September 2017 in Lyon, in the Night, Rabbit Hole American David Lindsay-Abaire. It should be noted that the producers of the theater laugh at really as a hoodoo of the law Toubon on the French language. Their titles mean nothing and hide the about true of the two parts is also disturbing. They are built on the tragic death of children.

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We will talk about later Constance Dollé and his solo work. Let’s talk first about the play in which an actress in the spotlight for reasons that have nothing to do with her talent, Julie Gayet, holds its place with discretion and discipline. It has long been discovered by lovers of cinema and theatre. Here, …

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