It is still striking to observe the mismatch between the sound and the body of the conductor. The direction is indeed par excellence a discipline of the mind, since the chief is the only musician to produce the sound by other. But it is at the same time, physically demanding work, since it is by the gesture and the posture that the maestro communicates his musical ideas. We have reported in recent weeks, after the 9th of Beethoven’s bitter and rough by Marek Janowski, and after the 2nd of the Brahms violin singing and bouncy by Michael Tilson Thomas: each time, the reflection of the silhouette and the maintenance of the head.

The gesture of Neeme Järvi has the minimum amplitude, but the maximum weight.

Confirmation spectacular last week, with the return of Neeme Järvi (in the family Järvi, I ask the father). He led the national Orchestra, training the sound is usually thin and transparent. Scene with the giant in Estonian to the frame, massive, arms along the body, not always visible from the room – he runs to the orchestra, …

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