“The Academy of the Arts and Techniques of Cinema is honoured to present to you the president of the 44th Ceremony of Caesar, Miss Kristin Scott Thomas”, announced with great pomp the French Academy of cinema, on Monday. She succeeds Vanessa Paradis. “It is a figure of elegance staple of the cinema, which will open this new edition of the great annual festival of French cinema. Its extreme grace and kindness that she would bring to all the nominees of the 44th annual ceremony of the César will, no doubt, to the magic of this wonderful evening”, concludes the press release.

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This honor adds to the numerous accolades of the actress british-French, ennobled by the queen of England in 2015. The actress, who began her career in the musical film directed by Prince, Under the Cherry Moon in 1986, has achieved a truly international reputation, in 1994, with Four weddings and a funeral for her portrayal of Fiona, secretly in love with his friend Charles, played by Hugh Grant. A role which earned him the BAFTA for best actress in a supporting role.

british-like Charm and precision of the game

Unclassifiable, Kristin Scott Thomas has chained himself equally at home in action movies, like Mission impossible of Brian de Palma alongside Tom Cruise in the films more intimate. In 1997, she was nominated for an academy award for his sublime role in The English Patient by Anthony Minghella.

The following year, she portrayed the mother of the young Scarlett Johansson, alongside Robert Redford in The Man that whispered to the ear of a horse that it produces. The 44th edition promises to addition of joyful reunion, the academy has decided to award the actor-director-producer 82-year-old a Cesar of honor.

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Its british-like charm, and the precision of his game have steadily conquered the jury of the Mecca of French cinema, composed of professionals of the 7th art. She was nominated for the César for best actress in 2009 in a long time ago that I love you of Philippe Claudel, in 2010, From by Catherine Corsini, and in 2011, in Her name was Sarah of Gilles Paquet-Brenner.