Three months after the fire of April 15, 2019, Notre-Dame de Paris is in full construction. The Figaro allows you to discover six personalities who, each in his field, are now working to revive the cathedral from its ashes. In the eyes of the world, the miracle must be accomplished in five years. For those new builders, animated by a passion for Our Lady, every day is now straining towards this goal.

When the fire took hold of the roof of Notre-Dame, this evening’s fateful 15 April, Olivier Latry gets off the bus and back to Vienna. The musician, co-owner since 1985 the great organ of the cathedral, is on tour with the horn section of the famous phalanx of austria. It is through an SMS that he has learned the new. The message is cryptic. “Our Lady is burning.” It is accompanied by a photo of the roof was ravaged by the flames. The silence that settles is deafening. Anxiety takes guts: “I did …

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