Three months after the fire of April 15, 2019, Notre-Dame de Paris is in full construction. The Figaro allows you to discover six personalities who, each in his field, are now working to revive the cathedral from its ashes. In the eyes of the world, the miracle must be accomplished in five years. For those new builders, animated by a passion for Our Lady, every day is now straining towards this goal.

It would have been almost forgotten, so long as it was discreet, since the fire. One understands it. Philippe Villeneuve, chief architect of historical Monuments in charge of the cathedral, lives and sleeps poorly since April 15. “This evening, I’m dead and another has taken over”, he admits from the offices Algeco built on the location of the square Jean-XXIII, at the foot of Our Lady.

This “other” may not be quite another. To listen to him, his whole life has been one long line to the cathedral. Child, he discovers the churches of paris with his parents, his brother and his sister. It …

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