In 2005, Martin Scorsese assembled his first film dedicated to Bob Dylan. Entitled No Direction Hom e , the documentary devoted to the youth and early career of the sacred monster of american music, until his motorcycle accident in 1966. It is now a period less documented the journey of the Nobel Prize for literature 2016 who is covered: the Rolling Thunder Revue , a tour out standard organized by Dylan in the last quarter of the year 1975. Until then, this epic had not been sanctioned by the movie Renaldo & Clara, made by the artist himself on a script by Sam Shepard, and the live Hard Rain captured in the spring of 1976, while the good mood of the expedition had dissipated.

most of the images presented in this new feature film, available on Netflix, are unpublished. Including scholars and most devoted of Bob Dylan. The latter even offers the luxury of commenting, forty years after, the events that have taken place at the time. …

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