Translated in French by Carine Chichereau, the book by Julie Otsuka published in 2011, The Buddha in the Attic , was published in France under the title: Some had never seen the sea . This sentence, which is in the book, works like a charm. There is of course mystery in this proposal. Of course, the work of the young American japanese, born in 1962 in California, was such a success (the Pen Faulkner Award and Femina foreign in France) that many of the readers, the viewers who know what he’s talking about. But the strength of the title remains…

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At the beginning of the Twentieth century, when many men japanese work in California, a system installs: young women are recruited in Japan and cross the Pacific to marry. They have given their promised that on the photos. Received in the United States, they know only suffering and humiliation. They also have to get to work. In the fields, or placed in a rich American, they lose all their bearings and even their language. Children are born: but these are small U.s….

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These tragedies silent, these fates are broken, lives are painful, a stage adaptation, and the staging of Richard Brunel, we make them close. The scenography, changes in space, the controlled use of the video, the hushed atmosphere of the representation combined with the liveliness of his deployment, everything holds and moves here. The actors and actresses together are touching and know how to give a presence-sensitive characters. We will not distinguish between, arriving at the end, blonde and very “American”, Natalie Dessay, firm, and deeply moving. A great theatre actress.

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