If millions of music lovers have been able to discover, amazed, the discs of the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Martha & The Vandellas, the Temptations or the Miracles, it is because they were discovered by a man with the intuition rare, but also because it was a contractor is particularly good, with a strategic plan that worked relentlessly…

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first, such as Phil Spector with his “Wrecking Crew” for the label Philles, Berry Gordy recruited a team of musicians home – the Funk Brothers – who accompanied almost all of its artists, giving Motown (short for Motor Town, nickname of his hometown of Detroit, known for its car industry) a sound identity and immediately recognizable, with its bass lines and the famous “four on the floor” unstoppable drumming, all recorded in his own studio, modestly christened Hitsville USA.

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