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Roubaix, a light , a thriller by Arnaud Desplechin, 1: 59

An old lady has just been murdered in a small house in a working class neighborhood. Its two neighbors, Claude (Léa Seydoux) and Mary (Sara Forestier), are suspected by the local police chief Daoud, assisted by Louis, a young man freshly graduated. Their memories seem to be confused. What is sure, is that they do not have a quiet conscience, remain vague in their statements, contradicting each other… The film is based on actors glaring truth. All are in tune. With Roubaix, a light, Arnaud Desplechin changes radically, but with success, of registry. Realism, a strong, aesthetic work, photography licked – grey and blue faded emphasize the clinical aspect of the hearings – this feature-length film shot like a documentary, following more closely the discussions of the two women, trafficking of guilt and, was going to be written, without a degree ostracized from the society.

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Spa , a comedy-drama from Guillaume Nicloux, 1h33

Five years after his “kidnapping”, Michel Houellebecq is to be found in the thalasso in Cabourg. What a wound! The doctors are formal. The writer must at all costs stop the use of tobacco and alcohol. This shock treatment is not self-evident. The patient sighs. His intelligence is exercised in the decorations of the most varied. This is a trick with the regulations. Fortunately, this is Gerard Depardieu. Hugs. Fellowship sudden. The two prisoners support each other. They are not going to leave you like that. Guillaume Nicloux, director, has cultivated a strong imagination, a gift for improvisation, a freedom in images. This fake documentary is amusing, attractive, plunges into a pit of reflection. Houellebecq and Depardieu are are found. They had crossed in Saint Amour . It would be silly to separate them. Depardieu has found a new friend. We hope a result. France has its own Laurel and Hardy.

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You can see

The Deserter , a drama of Maxime Giroux, 1 hour 35 minutes

Philippe (Martin Dubreuil, perfect) fled the war to Montreal to rejoin the american West. It intersects with characters, worrying in which Romain Duris in an executioner’s sadistic. The canadian filmmaker follows the path of horror with talent, creating an oppressive atmosphere. A pity that there are a few lengths.

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• Late Night , a comedy by Nisha Ganatra, 1h43

Emma Thompson embodies the star of a tv show on the decline, having to compete and then helped by a young woman, poor and of color. One can take this film as a comedy, dripping with politically correct. Or see it as a satire of the conventionalities current, well indexed. We get bored then with a little more irony, what is best for the line.

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• Reza , a comedy by Alireza Motamedi, 1h34

Reza and Fati are separating after nine years of marriage. It is not so simple. He waits for her to return. She sometimes goes to sleep in the apartment. He writes stories. He is also an architect. He walks around Isfahan, dredge a waitress for coffee, play football, goes to the mosque. With her physical Droopy bearded, the director takes the title role in this chronicle, delicate, bitter-sweet, filmed in the lazy (a quality).

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• My family and the wolf , a drama of Adrien Garcia, 1h20

The summer, Carmen Maura gathers his family and announces to him his impending death. His grandson wants to save it. A film touching.

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